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Top reasons to cut the cord

The cost of cable and/or satellite TV is getting out of control.  The chart below shows the rapid increase in the average cost of cable (wouldn’t we all love our stock portfolios to behave like that?!).  The chart below doesn’t even tell the whole story either…the chart only shows the average cost for cable SERVICE.  In otherwords, it does not include the costs for things that are needed to actually make use of your cable service, such as fees for HD cable boxes, DVRs, remote controls (yes, some cable companies actually have you RENT the control…don’t believe me, look closely at your cable bill), etc.  In this troubling economy, people can’t afford paying $100+ dollars per month for cable or satellite.  Fear not though, there are alternatives out there.  Please click the links in the menu above to learn more about the options available to you to get FREE HIGH DEFINTION TV!

Average Cable Price By Year

There are a number of ways you get get free hdtv. For example, you can purchase an indoor or outdoor antenna and pull in over-the-air broadcasts. This works best if you live close to a major metropolis, if you have a decent antenna, and if live in a building without too many obstructions. There are also ways to stream content online to your computer or your TV using various devices or software. The purpose of this website is to enable you to start taking advantage of these alternatives to cable and satellite so that you can save big money and start getting free hdtv. It’s about time somebody provided consumers with the information they need to fight back against the cable and satellite companies. It’s not too late to start enjoying free HDTV. Check out the links above in the website menu for additional information.

Get all your favorite channels

More then 60 Million Americans use an antenna to watch free tv

You can get FREE HD programming with the highest-quality picture from a digital antenna — better than cable and satellite. Just plug an HD antenna into a your digital TV and start watching your favorite shows in eye-popping HD.

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